Trojan Remover

Do you want to download a Trojan horse virus remover to get rid of the viruses in your PC? These Trojans usually exist as small executable files (.exe) and usually enter a computer through the internet. They enter your system either when you have downloaded an infected file or if you have visited a malicious website. They can also spread through storage devices like CD ROMs and thumb drives as well as through online email attachments.

1. What Harm Can a Trojan Horse Virus Do to a PC User?

They are very dangerous because they can lower the computer's security to allow hackers to gain access to the PC. Hackers gain what is called backdoor entry access to the system and they can then wreck havoc. For example, they can spread viruses to the contacts of the user or steal sensitive and confidential information from the user like credit card information, usernames and passwords.

2. What Are the Uses of Downloading a Trojan Horse Virus Remover?

This type of specialized software is able to fully scan your computer and provide a report of all the viruses and other malware found. It can then proceed to remove all the malicious viruses and files and leave your computer running like new again. When running, they can also deter future attacks and will warn the user whenever any suspicious files are about to be downloaded into the computer.

3. Examples of Computer Trojan Horse Virus

The Trojan Vundo B and its variants will cause advertisement tabs to appear on your browser. They also cause pop ups to appear while you surf the web. Other Trojans include the and Trojan Horse dropper.heliosb.

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