We all know about viruses, worms, trojans, spam, and other forms of Malware. However, you may also have heard about something called a "bot". Bots are basically software - automated programs - that perform tasks on the web. Some bots are good - like FrontPage bots. Other bots are bad - bad - bad bot! The bad bots make our lives absolute misery at times. If you have a website with a contact form, you probably have experienced bot attacks on your forms, sending unlimited spam through the form. But a more insidious kind of bot exists. These are bots that reside ON your computer. They are like a virus, in that they use your computer, but they are almost undetectable by most anti-virus !
software. You may notice that your system will slow way way way down at times, with a lot of unexplained drive and internet activity in the middle of the night (or other times) - this can be an indication of a bot infestation, that could be using your PC to send millions of spam emails or worse. If your system becomes bot infested, you are responsible for what happens. Usually, your internet service provider will simply turn off your connection without notice, which can be quite traumatic if your business depends on the internet.

Here are some tips to help prevent this: First, it is generally a bad idea to leave your computer on over night - this creates an unlimited opportunity for attacks from the web. Continuous systems are an attractive target. Second, make sure you have your operating system fully updated, with tight security settings. Third, make sure you have the latest antivirus software installed, with automatic updates - CA's antivirus product is recommended (and available for free download). Forth, you may want to turn on an IP monitor, to see what you system is doing from the outside. One such free service is, which will monitor your IP address (which would be all of your home/office PCs if you run through a wireless router), and send you email reports of any unusual activity. After all, knowing is half the battle! Once you know that there is unauthorized activity, you can seek help to resolve it, before your ISP blocks you!

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Code of Plastic

They start with the insight that is still narrow dikawasan society in general, that some people still like to use plastic bottles used for water. In fact, plastic bottles used in actual use is not feasible because of the bottle can melt in water.

Plastics preferred because of light, not easily broken, cheap. Note, however, plastic risk to the environment and health of the family. Watch some of the code
1.PETE or PET (Polyethylene terephthalate),
Used for plastic bottles to a clear plastic bottles (see-through). Such as bottled mineral water or other type of beverage bottles. For this category direkomendsikan to use

2.HDPE (high density polyethylene),
Regular milk bottles are used to white milk. Similar to PET for HDPE is also recommended for use. Do not pour hot water into it especially hot. If the bottle is in a state of age or older are often recommended tergoreng should immediately dispose of the bottle this.

3.V or PVC (polyvinyl chloride),
Type of plastic that are difficult in the recycling. This type of plastic found in the pda pastik wrappers and bottles. PVC is the womb of DEHA in plastic can seep into the fund can be a greasy food when the heat. PCV this berpontensi can cause some damage to the kidneys, heart and body weight.

4.LDPE (Low density polyethylene)
This type of plastic used in place of food and bottles of soft. For this type of plastic can be recycled and on the type of this is very good for goods memelukan flexibility but strong. Although can not be destroyed, but for good food.

5.PP (Polypropylene)
Is a type of plastic material is the best, especially related to food and drink. Kateristiknya transparent bottles that are not clear or cloudy.

6.PS (polystyrene)
Used as a place to eat Styrofoam, for food use. Materials can polystryrene of styrene leaking into the food when keuanya brush. Styrine risk for brain and nerve system.

7.Orther (usually polycarbonate)
used to place food and drink. Missal sports drink bottles. Polycarbonate can be the main issue of Bisphenol A in food and drink which can potentially damage the hormone system. Avoid materials that bersimbol this

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Food for the ageless

It is important to understand that a number of vitamin work more effectively in the body with the presence of antioxidants. When antioxidants are consumed with the fight oksidan embed themselves in the free radical, and ultimately reduce the Inflammation associated with many aspects of the process penuaan. Not limited to heart disease and contraction are
Of nutritious food, there are three foods that are eligible to slow penuaan, namely salmon, bluberi, hijau.Ikan salmon and tea contain antioxidants that make a very good vitamin C and E to work longer, improve the health of the eyes and skin. Salmon is also a source of protein needed to make all the cells, skin, hair, eyes, muscles, and organs. It also contains healthy fat, the omega-3, which increase HDL to reduce the negative effects of LDL cholesterol.

Give antosianin which help contain vitamin C and E work better in the body. Research conducted in Denmark shows that give inflamasi used in the reduction and prevention or treatment alzheimer, Parkinson, senile, and mood disturbance or mood.

Green tea is a healthful beverage. Months ago in February, was written in the journal of Nutrition and Biochem, by Japanese researchers, katekin in the green tea is a source of antioxidants guard for neuron brain and prevent cognitive decline.

Three strong antioksidatif food should include in the menu of food daily in order to maintain mental and physical health. In addition, plus fruits and vegetables rich in antioxidants, such as:

• avocado. Fruit is a good source for saturated fat is not a single measure can help lower bad cholesterol in the body. Avocado is also a somber vitamin E can help maintain health and prevent skin penuaan skin. Vitamin E can also help simtom hot flush or feeling burned on the face. Potasium the rich will help prevent fluid containment and high blood pressure.

• Give. Its black, bluberi, black wine contains fitokimia known as powerful flavonoid antioxidants, which help protect the body against damage caused by free radicals and penuaan.

• cabbage. Family of cruciferous vegetables, including cabbage, cabbage flowers, broccoli, brussels Sprout, radish, help the body fight the cancer and toxin. Suggested mengonsumsi approximately 115 grams of this type of vegetables each day. When possible, consumption of raw or boiled shortly so that the important enzyme remains intact.

• Bawang white. Protective effect against heart of garlic have long been noted. Results of research in 1994, in Iowa, USA, of 41,837 women aged 55-69 years showed that women who mengonsumsi garlic cloves one at least once every sunday 50 percent lower risk of developing cancer kolon. Research in other Tasgore Medical College, India, shows that garlic lower cholesterol level and help thin the blood more effectively rather than aspirin and also reduce the risk of heart disease.

• Ginger. Berempah the root of this system can improve digestion and circulation in the body which is very useful, especially for the elderly. Ginger can also help ease pain and rheumatism pain.

• nuts. Beans is a good source of minerals, especially the canary and brazil nuts. Despite high berkalori, canary rich potasium, magnesium, iron, zinc, copper and selenium. Add nuts in your diet can improve the function and channel digested immune system, improve and prevent skin cancer. Beans also help control your cholesterol level.

• Yoghurt. Rich in essential minerals such as potasium, calcium, protein, and vitamin B. Things to make yoghurt become one of the many important food is the presence of bacteria living in it. Bacteria help this vitamin absorption in the intestine and stabilize the body's immunity system.

• Rice and pasta red wheat. Carbohydrate food is berenergi. Replace white rice pasta and pasta with red rice and wheat, and you will quickly feel the difference in the degree of energy.

• Semangka. Not only have the effect of alkali (a basa) of the body, but also provides essential fluid body needed to do a variety of tasks.

• Water. Nothing can touch the water intensity. Removing the poison from the water body also provides for the flow of liquid blood.

There are 35 types of food make the ageless
Vitamin A and beta karoten: apricot, liver, pumpkin, melon, carrots, eggs, letucce leaves, red chili.
Vitamin C: chili, kiwi, potatoes, tomatoes, cassava, brokolli, papaya, and Citrus fruits.
Vitamin E: Eggs, almon peanut, sunflower seed oil, walnut tree, avocado, olive oil, and oat.
Selenium: Tuna, mushroom, cabbage, eggs, liver, seafood, bombai onion, chicken, brazil nuts.
Zinc: sardin, chicken, cucumber, egg, potatoes, cabbage flowers, carrots, oat, pea and almon

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